November 19, 2009

Should we buy cruise insurance?

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We are scheduled for a cruise to Antarctica and the company is suggesting that we get insurance, $528 per person, for emergency events: lost luggage, illness, etc. We are 65 years old and have no health conditions. What do you think?


HLN's Money Expert Clark Howard
HLN's Money Expert Clark Howard

If you're going to go on a cruise and your inability to show up at the port would mean you forfeit all your money - which is almost always what it does mean - you should buy trip insurance.

But don't buy it from the cruise line. You want to buy it from an insurance company. And the best website to shop the policies is

Now, the coverages will vary and the exclusions will be different one company to another, so take the time to sit down and compare the exclusions that various companies have and, in turn, the coverages.

The typical price, though, for trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance is 6% of the cost of the trip.

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Karen   December 1st, 2009 10:10 am ET

We were on a family cruise in July on a Carnival ship and at the end of the cruise, the staff laid a cable across the deck without warnings or tape and my 68 year old mother tripped and fell, hitting her face and bruising her ribs. There was an officer on deck who called for assistance and two passengers and my aunt assisted my mother onto a chair. They took her by wheel chair to the infirmary and then out to the car, they told her all medical expenses would be covered. She was in severe pain later in the day and went to the emergency room. We contacted Carnival for an insurance code but it was denied. It turned out that the insurance code was for Carnival to charge my mothers insurance for her care on the ship after the fall. They stated that in order for my mothers care to be covered by them we would have had to purchase insurance through Carnival to cover issues even though they were at fault. We are confused as to what to do, we have contacted Carnival and according to their records they state that my mother fell and walked off the ship. Obviously records were destroyed or adjusted, sad to say my parents were not given any paper work after leaving the infirmary and reassured by two officers in the infirmary that all would be taken care of, she is still in pain due to the healing of the ribs and it has been several months. They are claiming no fault even though I witnessed the cable prior to going into the ladies room and when I came out my mother was on the ground and my aunt witnessed the incident and gave a statement which is apparently lost but is willing to give again if needed but just wanted to let you know they are claiming we must have their insurance in order to be covered.

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