September 1, 2009

The Microfueler is here!

Posted: 08:03 AM ET

HLN Money Expert Clark Howard

In the 80s movie “Back to the Future”, the mad professor had gone off into the future and came back with the DeLorean that had a different fuel system. It was called Mr. Fusion, and it was fed trash from the house of the main character, played by Michael J. Fox. He got the cans and started pouring the trash in and that was all they needed to power the DeLorean.

Clark recommends checking out the Microfueler, which allows you to make fuel from household waste.
Clark recommends checking out the Microfueler, which allows you to make fuel from household waste.

Well, another popular actor from the 80s, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is in a video for a technology called the Microfueler. And he's really excited about this startup company.

The Microfueler is a home fueling station that you install at your house to fuel your cars. The idea of this machine is to use waste to make your own fuel and then you can run a car, truck or SUV that is an E85. An E85 is a flex-fuel vehicle like they have in Brazil. About 90% of new vehicles sold in Brazil are designed to run on gasoline, ethanol, or a combination of the two.

The Microfueler is designed to pay for itself in two years through a combination of cost savings and a federal tax credit. After you pay it off, you're fueling in an environmentally conscious way, if that matters to you. Or, if the other kind of green matters to you, you're saving money. You can see more about it at

There’s only one Microfueler in operation right now. Is it going to work on a wide scale? Who knows? The idea of taking your food waste and turning it into energy seems like off-the-charts crazy, but there are more efforts around the country to take garbage and turn it into energy to run factories or provide energy for homes.

Wouldn't it be something if Mr. Fusion wasn't just a joke, and the idea really ends up providing energy to make things run? And who among us would be the first one to get something like this?

Yes, it would be me.

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