September 1, 2008

Finding loved ones and help

Posted: 09:53 AM ET

Hurricane Gustav sent almost two million people fleeing from Louisiana. If you are searching for friends or relatives who evacuated or who may be riding out the storm, the Red Cross may be able to help you find out if they are safe.


Safe and Well– Anyone affected by the disaster can register here to let loved ones know they are OK. They can register their name, date of birth and predisaster address and phone numbers.

Loved ones can search by the missing person’s prestorm addresses and phone numbers. Register by clicking here.

Contact Loved Ones– Those affected by the storm can leave phone messages through the Red Cross for loved ones using their prestorm phone numbers.

Friends and relatives can search for any messages by searching for that predisaster phone number. To leave such a message, callers within the United States should dial 1-443-992-4890. If friends are calling from outside the United States to search for a message they should dial 1-443-992-4890

The National Emergency Family Registry and Locator System (NEFRLS) is available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency at their Web site. Or you can register yourself or search for someone by phoning 1-800-588-9822 and to report/search for a missing child: 1-866-908-9570.

Red Cross Shelter information 1-800-733-2767

How you can help: Impact Your World on lists charities providing help to Gustav victims.

Veterans and their families requiring assistance can contact the Veterans Administration at 800-507-4571. The agency’s Web site is .

ALABAMA Emergency Management Agency

Shelter information and hotline 1-800-206-0816

Emergency road closures

MISSISSIPPI Emergency Management Agency

Shelter information - call 1-866-472-8265

Skilled call center workers or Red Cross-trained shelter volunteers are asked to call 1-866-472-8265

Emergency road closings

Disaster assistance information


Homeland Security and Emergency preparedness offers flood safety tips on this Web site.

Emergency Web site , recorded Hotline 1-866-288-2484

Applying for federal disaster assistance

Go to FEMA's Web site for information and instructions, or call 1-800-621-3362. FEMA warns that completing more than one application will slow processing of your case.

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